Notre Ennuis

This is old news for some of you. Sapere Aude Guitar Duo’s debut album Notre Ennuis is out in the stores, available through streaming services or our website here.

Old duo

I’ve uploaded an old duo of mine for guitar and flute.

It’s written as a kind of hommage to Tooru Takemitsu with an touch of Messiaen in the middle.

You can find the sheet music in the here.

Concert March/April with Sapere Aude Guitar Duo

You can find me on stage with Sapere Aude Guitar Duo on these dates and locations.

  • 15/3: Antikvariatet – Trondheim Norway 20.00
  • 26/3: Stjørdal Bibliotek – Stjørdal Norway 19.30
  • 8/4: Tønsberg – Location and time to be announced
  • 9/4: Ormøy Kirke – Oslo Norway 19.30
  • 13/4: Östersunds Bibliotek – Östersund Sweden 19.30
  • 16/4: Ørlandet Kultursenter – Brekstad Norway 19.30
  • 21/4: Hoksengstuggu Oppdalsmuseet – Oppdal Norway 19.30

Visit to luthier John J. van Gool

I wrote in my last post that I was going to meet with the dutch luthier John J. van Gool, and that I have.

 Mr van Gool lives in the city of Delft, about 15km from Rotterdam in a nice little home where he also has his workshop. He’s been making guitars since the late 70’s, and early musical instruments for about 20 years now.


The guitar I tried out is an early romantic guitar built after a guitar from around 1800. The builder of that guitar is unknown, but it resembles the Lacote “1823 model”, or the Grobert guitar Paganini is said to have signed.


Mr van Gool also showed me a lot of his earlier projects, such as a baroque guitar with a beautiful 3D rosette. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photo of the guitar. And he also talked and explained to me a bit around the work on rosettes and inlays on the lid of a vihuela he is making at the moment.


All in all it was very pleasant and I had a good time. Of course it ended up with me purchasing the guitar, and I recommend others who are interested to take contact with Mr van Gool.


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